New Ink Abstract Painting “Woke” Incites Election Dialogue

What does it mean to be “woke” in today’s society? I’ve heard this term used casually in recent conversations. It doesn’t only refer to the state of wakefulness after a sleep state; it also refers to the ability to see reality for what it is, not for what is impressed upon us, especially by mass media outlets and associated stakeholders. In the arts, literature, religions, and world philosophies, the idea of being “woke,” or awakened,  is symbolized by light.  In an abstract ink painting I completed last week, I wanted to convey this idea of light, or enlightenment, flashing through an area of darkness.  The painting is made of vibrant pigment of alcohol ink poured over gloss paper.

More people, it seems now, are more awakened than ever.  More minds are opening up to different possibilities about our reality and the future of our world, especially in the wake of pandemic and a looming presidential election.  What does being “woke” mean from your perspective?



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