Sidewalk Mural @ Sarasota International Chalk Festival

My hard work in the blazing Florida sun paid off at the International Chalk Festival in Sarasota, FL. Over 200 chalk artists from all over the world participated over a span of 3 days to showcase their skills, and I was thrilled to be chosen as one of them!

I completed a 10ft x 10ft stained-glass- inspired mural, done in the vintage style of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  The geometrical layout took me the longest, believe it or not.  I wanted the measurements to be as exact as possible, evenly spaced and proportional so it that the entire work didn’t come out crooked.  Once the measuring was finally done and the gridwork laid down, I went to town on the color! That was the fun part, and watching it all come together piece by piece was very motivating.  I used the bright brick pastels as opposed to standard sidewalk chalk, because the end result is vibrant and not nearly as messy/powdery. The highlight of the festival was a surprise rain storm, though a quick one, in which all the chalk artists (myself included) panicked but worked together as quickly as possible to hold down tarp over each of our areas to protect our work. Once it was gone, it was all sunshine from there!

Sarasota International Chalk Festival

Venice Airport, Venice, FL,  34285

Sarasota County

Nov. 15-18, 2017


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