Art and the Digital Nomad: How I’m Making it Work

Collaborating on projects remotely allows me to create with a clear mind and a clear roadmap ahead of the project’s direction. I’ve never been much of a recluse artist, instead seeking out other individuals and groups to collaborate and exchange ideas with. I am finding ways to make the COVID quarantine a productive and creative time period.

Facebook Groups

It’s extremely encouraging to connect with artists, even if only digitally, who continue to inspire each other and keep lines of different ideas going. The sense of togetherness it creates helps me to keep ideas fresh for new projects and techniques. Virtual projects are also gaining in popularity, and I’m researching those too. I also researched and found a number of design communities online. Some of the more supportive Facebook groups I’ve joined include:

Creative Practice at Home During Covid-19

Expression and Creativity Experimental Learning Laboratory (@expressioncreativitylab)


Zoom, Zoom! In addition to connecting with family members and friends, I’ve been using Zoom to attend a number of virtual webinars geared towards artists and productivity.  Which is ingenious, because it recognizes that the stay-at-home approach might severely impact an artist’s ability to create new work (i.e. limited ability to travel to their studios, work spaces, and to art supply stores).  I stumbled across a great weekly webinar series hosted by Artwork Archive, and they’re rich in information and logistical pointers for how to keep afloat artistically and financially in the face of the pandemic. Some helpful webinars I’ve attended included:

Rallying Together: Resources to Support Artists During COVID-19

Cultivating a Creative Mindset During Quarantine

Strategies for Running an Art Business During COVID-19

A Resource Hub for Artists During COVID-19

Arts Administrators of Color Network

This organization is a resource hub that has created the Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund in response to the pandemic.  This important initiative bolsters the efforts of eligible creatives who seek financial support during the COVID crisis. Individuals can apply or donate directly to raise funds for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists and art administrators who have been financially impacted due to COVID-19. Their range of other services include professional development, networking, and mentorship programs.  They also host an ongoing webinar series, Virtual Affinity Space, which sheds light on topics and experiences unique to artists of color.

Arts Administrators of Color Network

Pictured Above: “Neon Mindbloom” Oil Pastel on Canvas Paper, March 2020 by Sasha Davis

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