Work from home Art Studio

So, the quarantine has made it necessary to assemble a work from home art studio space. Luckily, I’ve been able to clear out a sizeable corner in the living room that is dedicated to art supplies, art workspace, and art storage. Some of it admittedly is spilling into the hallway, but for a temporary setup, this should do the job. Here is a quick outline of how I’m managing to wrap my head around working from home and get a productive workflow going:

In an effort to keep organised, I’ve grouped related materials together where possible. All pencils go together in a portable box – loose pencils, packs of pencils, pencils rubber-banded together. Tubes of acrylic paint all share the same large box. All brushes are in dry tin cans, ready to go for the next project. The easiest mediums to use, like watercolors and charcoals, are within easy, visible reach for quicker access.

It’s easy to feel a little claustrophobic when trapped indoors all day. Weather permitting, getting outside can provide a lively space for work and inspiration. I keep one portable wooden easel by the doorway on days where painting outside is an option. Also handy by the door, I keep a large sheet of tarp to cover the area before I begin, to avoid the splatter and spill of paint into the lawn. I found it helpful to set up a brush washing station outside – nothing elaborate, just a few jars of water and a washrag to blot rinsed brushes on.

With limited trips for art supplies, At the time of writing, all but essential shopping is prohibited, but the upside is you probably have everything you need to spark creativity, in the home, already. I found that thinking about what you have immediate access to and what you can do with it helps to get potential projects started. In the absence of live models, much can be said for found objects and pictures around the house that can spark imagination.

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