I was directly impacted when my father, 68 years old, tested positive for COVID-19.  As his sole caregiver, the vast majority of my time and resources have been dedicated to caring for my father, while trying to protect my 1-year old son from infection.  In addition, I’ve lost my job as a Figure Drawing Model at the local community college due to the outbreak, and the art gallery that hosted my paintings have closed their doors permanently, also due to the outbreak. As a resident of New York, I live in the region most heavily impacted by the coronavirus, and presently I am seeking the funds needed to re-energize my art efforts and support new projects. For my supporting documents, Document #1 links to the cancellation emails I received from the venues where I either exhibited artwork or posed for figure drawing classes. Document #2 links to checks, paystubs, and payments I received from these venues prior to the cancellations.

Cancellations Due to COVID-19

Employment Verification: Checks and Paystubs
Paystubs and checks